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Red Meranti Timber

Red Meranti Timber

We have Red Meranti Timber which are specifically made to cater the needs of our customers. The company supplies Red Meranti Timber all over India at an affordable market price for its customers. We have obtained the Red Meranti Timber from reliable sources. We procure Red Meranti Timber from different parts of the world to provide only quality item to our customers.

Technical Properties
  • Density : 390-760 Kg/m3 (air dry)
  • Natural durability : Moderate
  • Sawing : Easy
  • Machining : Easy
  • Joints : Nails screws glues well
  • Finishing : Good
End Uses
  • Sawn Timber : Furniture, Interior finishing, paneling, moldings, joinery, flooring, shop and office fittings, decking, beams, door and window frames, tool handles, vehicle bodies, ship and boat building, light construction, etc.
  • Veneer : Rotary cut veneer plywood, paneling.